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Holiday Clothes for Kids: What to Pack for a Beach Holiday

As summer slowly creeps its way in, more and more families are booking their holidays for 2023. Whether it’s a trip to the seaside towns of Cornwall or the white sand beaches of Spain, packing for a beach holiday with children can be a daunting task. With lots of clothes, accessories and essentials to pack in their suitcase, it’s easy to forget some of the items you need to pack for a perfect beach holiday getaway. Below we delve into tips and tricks for packing kids' holiday clothes, from the essentials to the extras, we have you covered. 

Child-Friendly SPF

Although sun protection is a must on any beach holiday, it’s important to pack the right kind of SPF for your kids. Pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF rating to protect your children’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and opt for blue-tinted SPF to ensure that you’re rubbing it everywhere that’s visible to the sun. If possible, pack an SPF that’s also waterproof, as these will keep your child protected when they’re in the pool or the sea. 

You should also pack hats or caps to shield their face and neck from the sun, as well as sunglasses which are important for protecting their eyes. Look for sunglasses with a high UV rating to ensure maximum protection.


No child’s holiday wardrobe is complete without swimwear. Pack plenty of swimsuits or swim shorts for your kids, depending on their age and gender. Consider packing at least two swimsuits per child so that they can wear one while the other dries. Rash vests or swim shirts are also a great option for younger children to protect them from the sun and prevent sunburn. Don’t forget swim diapers if you have younger children who are not potty trained.


When your kids are not in the water, they’ll need something to wear over their swimwear. Lightweight cover-ups like kaftans, beach dresses, or shorts and t-shirts are perfect for this purpose. They are easy to slip on and off and will keep your kids cool and comfortable on hot days.

Casual Clothes

When your kids are not at the beach, they’ll need something comfortable to wear. Pack plenty of casual clothes like t-shirts, shorts, dresses, and skirts that are easy to mix and match. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen that will keep them cool in the heat.


Beach holidays require appropriate footwear. Pack flip-flops, sandals or water shoes for your children to wear on the beach. Flip flops or sandals are perfect for walking on the sand and splashing in the water, while water shoes are ideal for rocky beaches or areas with sharp rocks or shells. And of course, pack formal footwear for evening meals and trips out. 


Although the summer holidays make you think of warm sun and humid weather, it’s a good idea to pack both warm and lightweight sleepwear for your kids. Air cons can create a colder atmosphere in your room overnight, so some warmer sleepwear will come in handy. For warm nights,  lightweight cotton pyjamas or nighties are perfect. 


Beach holidays are the perfect time to have fun with accessories. Pack fun hats, sunglasses, and jewellery for your kids to wear on the beach. Beach towels, beach bags, and water bottles are also essential items that your kids will need. Consider investing in a waterproof phone case or camera if you plan on taking pictures at the beach too.


In addition to the above items, there are a few extras that you may want to consider packing. Wet wipes are a handy item to have on hand for cleaning up sandy hands and faces. A first aid kit is also a must for any family holiday. Pack plasters, antiseptic cream, and any medication that your child may need. Finally, a small inflatable pool or beach toys can provide hours of entertainment for your kids on the beach.

In conclusion, packing for a beach holiday with children can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By packing the essentials like swimwear, sun protection, cover-ups, footwear, casual clothes, nightwear, accessories, and extras, you’ll soon have a diverse and full suitcase for your child! 

If you like to keep track of what you want to pack for your child, it’s a great idea to create a list and separate items into sections much like the ones we’ve laid out above. If you do this in advance, you could also highlight some sections where you need to buy more items as well! 

Finally, it’s important to involve your kids in the packing process. Let them choose some of their favourite clothes and accessories, as it will help them feel more excited about the holiday. It’s also a good opportunity to teach them about packing efficiently and being responsible for their own belongings. Encourage them to pack a small bag or backpack with some of their favourite toys, books or games to keep them entertained during the journey. By involving your children in the packing process, you’ll not only make it more fun, but you’ll also teach them important life skills.